3 Keys To Greatness 

To every success in life, certain key principles are well put to work. Same goes for failure. We fail when we fail to put effectively to work certain key principles of life. Nothing works if we don’t make it work. 

Below are 3 Keys  To Greatness which I have discovered  through consistent learning and life experience. 

1. Self awareness/discovery 

2. Personal development 

3. Giving 
Self awareness/Discovery 

If you know who you really are(*not what you think you are or what people think you are) via revelation and passion, then your purpose in life is defined. One of the most dangerous path to take in life is living without purpose. The reason why many still wander in goose chase today,  can be attributed to a life out of purpose. A wise philosopher by name Aristotle once said “humans are teleological being” —meaning purpose driven being. A life not driven by purpose  gives room for frustration. 

Personal Development 

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavours to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours” says Henry David Thoreau. Getting to know your purpose is the first step to piloting life to greatness. But that isn’t all. You must grow yourself in the direction of you purpose. Growth is a conscious act. Birds don’t fly without wings. They develop wings and master the act of soaring. Same goes to you as an individual desiring a better future for yourself. Your skill is your wing and if you must soar greatly your must master your skill. However, a skill you fail to put to use turns vestigial. What you fail to use becomes useless. Your skill can better you if you better your skill. Keep developing yourself because that’s the key to reaching more in life.  


“Life most persistent question is” says Martin Luther King Jr “What are you doing for others?”. Don’t wait to have the entire world to be a light in someone’s world. With what you got, you can make a difference. One of the secrets of becoming more in life is by giving more.  Great men sees giving as an opportunity for a step up. If you must keep rising in the direction of your purpose, master the act of giving and remain a cheerful giver. 

Don’t wait for your future to happen by chance, make it happen! 


Author: Acha Harrison

Acha Harrison is my name, a young, passionate Personal Development Strategist & Blogger| Content Creator|Social Entrepreneur| Social Media Enthusiast| and a Passion Coach. I help youth discover their passion by leveraging on voluntarism and social media. Also, I help individuals and businesses optimize their brand to gain visibility on social media.

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