Self Expression is the Most Important Part of Living

Being your own self is what makes life beautiful. Imagine a world where everyone has the same haircut, the same outfit, the same skill and behaves in a similar way. Doesn’t a world like that sound tragic?

According to a research at the University of California “The act of Self-expression involves projecting one’s own thoughts and ideas into the world.” Self-expression is as vital to living as breathing. It is about being the very best we can be. It is about us, and it has nothing to do with anyone else’s power. Others’ power cannot diminish us. It is how we interact with others and the world. It can be supremely fulfilling or irritably frustrating.

Self – expression takes place through communication, body language, artwork, and even our clothes and hairstyles. It includes how we decorate our homes and the way we drive a car. It is usually divided into three aspects: Emotional Expression, Assertiveness and Independence.

EMOTIONAL EXPRESSION includes both facial expressions and body movements that accompany the internal experience of emotion and that clearly serve to communicate that emotion to others. On the other hand, ASSERTIVENESS is a complex and essential component of emotional intelligence that transcends one’s ability to express emotion. Basically if one is assertive he/she will not hesitate from saying what they think or feel. Being assertive leads to independence, because one stops thinking of the other person, and is not emotionally dependent on the environment. INDEPENDENCE therefore, is the ability to be self-directed and free from emotional dependency on others.

Being self-expressed connotes that people will see your spirit and true character; they will see the totality of who you are. And sharing of one’s “self” fully is the ultimate in generosity and is vital for peace, freedom, happiness and fulfillment.

What is holding you back from full self-expression? Shyness. Fear of being judged. Fear of making a fool of ourselves. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. There is power in being yourself to the fullest. No one can give that to you nor can they take it away or do it for you. It is yours. It lives inside you. It can be grown, cultivated and developed. You have access to that source of power. It is as easy — and as difficult — as going within.

Here are six ways to become more fully self-expressed:
1. Speak Your Truth in the Moment: Perhaps, for some of us, speaking our truth, in the moment, may be difficult because of fear of confrontation and lack of confidence, but not speaking our truth can have damaging effects on self-esteem and even health.

2. Define Yourself: What you think about yourself, you manifest and become. Explore new ways of thinking and being, and you may discover that you have talents and passions you never knew existed. “People often say that this person or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something that one finds. It is something that one creates,” said Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz.

3. Engage in Creative Techniques: We can help birth ideas and create new possibilities for our life with creative techniques. Some creative techniques to try include: writing daily about anything that’s on your mind, keeping an idea book that you can carry with you, brainstorming, and creating vision boards.

4. Acquire Self Knowledge – Know Who You Are: As the words themselves proclaim, Self Knowledge is knowledge of who we truly are. It is the ultimate answer to the perennial question “Who am I?”

5. Go after Your Passion Voraciously: Dr. Wayne Dyer so eloquently says, “Don’t die with the music still in you. Listen to your intuitive inner voice and find what passion stirs your soul.”

6. Develop a Keen Sense of Reality: Living in reality can be tough, but if we want to become more fully self-expressed we must face and do something about the situations that are not working for us.

There is not another being in this universe — or any other universe, for that matter —who has the unique genetic qualities and particular set of experiences that makes you who you are. If you do not bring that unique human potential to fruition, who will?


Author: Acha Harrison

Acha Harrison is my name, a young, passionate Personal Development Strategist & Blogger| Content Creator|Social Entrepreneur| Social Media Enthusiast| and a Passion Coach. I help youth discover their passion by leveraging on voluntarism and social media. Also, I help individuals and businesses optimize their brand to gain visibility on social media.

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