5 Bad Habit You Need To Break Before The End Of 2016

It is no longer news that the year is winding up pretty fast. However, we still have some time left. If you didn’t have any success living up to your new year resolutions, all hope is not lost we still have about two months to go, let’s not put it to waste.

Sometimes, success comes not from what you learn to do but what you learn to stop doing.

Interestingly, everybody has a bad habit, one or two things they do, that are not so pleasant to the senses. Habits are easy and fun to form but ones formed, it turn a hard bone to crack. 

Nothing sabotages your productivity quite like bad habits. Bad habits slow you down, decrease your accuracy, make you less creative and stifle your performance. Getting control of your bad habits is critical, and not just for productivity’s sake. Hence, bad habits should be shunned and niped in the bud from the word go.











“Bad habits are easier to abandon today than tomorrow.” —Yiddish Proverb. 


Here are a few habits that if you still carry out, I think you need unlearn before the year ends.

1. Procrastination 
Everyone procrastinates. Even the most successful people struggle with it every day. But successful people do something that most of us don’t — they push past it. They don’t make excuses or allow it to affect their output. They come up with smart, actionable strategies to break past mental barriers and stay productive. Procrastination can be beat, it just takes some self-awareness and effort. 

2. Trying To Please Everyone 
The need to please others comes from fear of not being good enough and fear of being rejected. This is  an element of  insecurity and can propagate failure. You need to unlearn this. It is a matter of striking the balance between giving too much and giving too little. 

3. Not Speaking Your Mind 
Not speaking your mind benefits no one. Holding back from saying your truth creates festering and negative emotions inside you. It is known that people who develops this trait of voicing their mind are exceptionally successful at what they do. 

4. Caring Too Much Of What Others Think 
So what, if one or two people don’t like you? What’s the big deal if a couple of people think your ideas are wack and messed up? Why should people’s perception of you be a challenge? Hey, you’re not the only one who everybody doesn’t like. Wanting to be liked and respected is basic human nature. But never allow others perception of you override your true self. Nobody else is living your life, so don’t give away the power to guide it.

5. Not Saving Money 
A part of all you earn is yours to keep. To not save for the future would be a mistake. Do you save? To save means you will have to live on less than you earn. It is time to save your money and use it to grow your wealth.

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Author: Acha Harrison

Acha Harrison is my name, a young, passionate Personal Development Strategist & Blogger| Content Creator|Social Entrepreneur| Social Media Enthusiast| and a Passion Coach. I help youth discover their passion by leveraging on voluntarism and social media. Also, I help individuals and businesses optimize their brand to gain visibility on social media.

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