When impossiblity roars as the jungle king
I fear not 
Because I can.

When tomorrow scares me
And the scars of the past mount bridges on me
I am not weired out
Because I can.

Times when friends flee
All hope seems lost
I am resolute to win
Because I can.

Failure gave me a quit option
But I never gave in
Because I can.  

Even in nothingness
I can. 

No matter the magnitude of the storms
I can. 

Yes I can
Because I can. 



3 Keys To Greatness 

To every success in life, certain key principles are well put to work. Same goes for failure. We fail when we fail to put effectively to work certain key principles of life. Nothing works if we don’t make it work. 

Below are 3 Keys  To Greatness which I have discovered  through consistent learning and life experience. 

1. Self awareness/discovery 

2. Personal development 

3. Giving 
Self awareness/Discovery 

If you know who you really are(*not what you think you are or what people think you are) via revelation and passion, then your purpose in life is defined. One of the most dangerous path to take in life is living without purpose. The reason why many still wander in goose chase today,  can be attributed to a life out of purpose. A wise philosopher by name Aristotle once said “humans are teleological being” —meaning purpose driven being. A life not driven by purpose  gives room for frustration. 

Personal Development 

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavours to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours” says Henry David Thoreau. Getting to know your purpose is the first step to piloting life to greatness. But that isn’t all. You must grow yourself in the direction of you purpose. Growth is a conscious act. Birds don’t fly without wings. They develop wings and master the act of soaring. Same goes to you as an individual desiring a better future for yourself. Your skill is your wing and if you must soar greatly your must master your skill. However, a skill you fail to put to use turns vestigial. What you fail to use becomes useless. Your skill can better you if you better your skill. Keep developing yourself because that’s the key to reaching more in life.  


“Life most persistent question is” says Martin Luther King Jr “What are you doing for others?”. Don’t wait to have the entire world to be a light in someone’s world. With what you got, you can make a difference. One of the secrets of becoming more in life is by giving more.  Great men sees giving as an opportunity for a step up. If you must keep rising in the direction of your purpose, master the act of giving and remain a cheerful giver. 

Don’t wait for your future to happen by chance, make it happen! 

3 Secret Of Getting Ahead In Life 

1. Well defined goal 
2. Positive Mindset 

3. Getting started 

From research and experience, I have come to a conclusion that,  nothing happens without a cause. Newton’s third law of motion made it so vivid that, “To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Having said that, have you ever ask yourself this question, ” Why do some persons get ahead in life more than others? ” It is simple, THE SECRET OF  GETTING AHEAD IN LIFE. 

Having said these, lets examine these 3 secret that makes the big difference. 

1. Well Defined Goal:

“Setting goals”  says Tony Robbins “is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible” 

A well defined goal is a time bound end point desire that a person, or system envisions, plans and commit to achieve. Without a well defined goal, life looses its real meaning. Every great achiever is a product of goal well defined. With well defined goal, we gain energy to reach for the stars. 

2. Positive Mindset:

The mind is one of greatest resources bestowed on humanity by divinity. 

What you feed into your mind determines what you think and  how you think; and these shape who you become. Thoughts creates the actual effect. This effect (reality) could either be positive effect or negative  based on our predominant thought. Positive mindset is an attitude to reaching more in life. Greatest of men that ever lived understood the power of positive mindset. Learn to tap into this resource and create your own future. 

3. Getting Started:

Again, Newton’s first law of motion states that, “Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.” This is not just a physics law but a life principle. Life will be at a standstill if you don’t act. To activate this principle is to put it to work. It is one of the greatest secret of getting ahead in life. This was why Mark Twain accurately said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”. Don’t wait till tomorrow, it might never come. 

Take responsibility of your life today if you must initiate a turning point towards greatness. 

The Power of Asking Relevant Questions 

An American novelist, Thomas Berger once said, “The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge”. We grow in knowledge and wisdom through questioning certain facts and seeking clarity.

Question could be in 3  forms. 

I. The question we ask others (Friends, colleagues, mentor etc) 

II. The question we ask ourselves (you) 

III. The question we ask divinity (God) 

Every question has answer except questions not asked. Unfortunately, many persons would rather die in ignorance than ask questions. To some, they believe it makes them inferior, while to others it projects their ignorance. But hey, none of this is true. If you ever seen a wise man, then you have seen he who has unlocked the power cocooned in asking relevant questions. 

Have you ever asked yourself, why am I here doing what I do? If NO, pause it here and ask yourself that question. If sincerely answered, it can mark a turning point in your life. 

The truth remains that, ‘why’ and ‘how’  questions to everything ignites our true self. Lots have been achieved in our society today by those who have harnessed the lots in questioning odds. 

Asking relevant question improves learning, unlocks creativity and inspire ideas. Through it, we uncover mystery and learn how things are better done. Even when these questions are not answered, they don’t leave us same. Like I say to friends, if asking question is imprisonment, I choose never to regain my freedom. Humility to asking relevant questions humbles ignorance and increases wisdom. 

Asking relevant question makes you relevant. Also, through questioning everything, we know everything. 


Successful people ask relevant questions and as a result, they get relevant answers. Many a time, people ask,  “How do I learn to ask relevant questions?” My response to this question is centered on these 3 Tips To Asking Relevant Questions which I am going to share with you. 

1. Be a Good Listener and Careful Observer 

2. Have Courage to Ask 

3. Always Ask

1. Be a Good Listener and Careful Observer

The first and the most important parameter to asking relevant question that attracts relevant answer is proper listening and careful observation. These parameters have the capacity to make sense out of our question and enable great articulation.  Understanding is the mother of all knowledge. We listen to understand through concentration. It is no mistake that we got two ear and one mouth. It is for us to listen twice and speak once. Be a good listener. 

2. Have the Courage to Ask 

It takes courage to ask questions. “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak (ask question)” says Winston Churchill, “courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen”. If you have an opportunity to ask just a question and get $100 million, would you keep your mouth shut? 

3. Always Ask

He who asks a question remains a fool for 5mins and he that does not ask, remains a fool forever says Chinese proverb. I would rather be a fool for 5mins than be a fool forever. 

Always remember that when we stop asking relevant questions, we stop learning in depth. 

The Photo Studio And The Real World 

Over the weekend, I was at the photo studio where I went to take a photo shot of myself. As I got to the studio, waiting for the photographer to come and capture the young guy with great mind, I realized that there’s something about the studio of which I’m becoming sensitive of. It was the photo studio and the real world. I was trying to relate myself, the photographer, the camera, the printer and the studio environment to what actually happens in the real world.

Here comes the photographer with his camera ready to capture Acha Harrison in his smart outfit. Firstly, he arranged the background to suit the nature of the picture I wanted. Then, I made it known to him that I needed just two copies of a “Wow”  and “Superb”  picture of myself. 

He captured me many times (7 different images to be specific) at different angles and I went inside the dressing room to change my dress code in order to get the other desired picture of myself. As I came out of the dressing room, guess what? The guy was waiting for me to come out in order for him to altered the background of the studio as against the previous one. This was done, in order for the picture to blend with the background. I was taking note of each of his actions.

Again, he captured me 4 different times and he was done.

The next step was for me to select the two “wow” and “superb” pictures I needed from these many captures; one from each of the outfits. I got the two pictures I needed quit right but that was not all.

As I began to feed my imaginative quest, I realized that the photo studio can be likened to the REAL WORLD where different people from different background dwell. The picture I had in mind is the DREAM I wish to transform to a reality.

The photographer is the ACTION, the camera the MINDSET and printer is the medium through which DREAMS are transformed into REALITY

How do I mean? It is what I feed into camera that I see and that’s what the printer produces. If I smile, what I get back is a smile. If I squeeze my face like the ancient gods of the Babylonians simply because I feel there’s nothing good about this world, honestly, that’s what I still get in return. It is GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out); what you give, you get. 

For your future to be great, you need a dream with the right mindset towards that dream. How do you give your dream the right mindset? It’s simply by believing in your dream and acting on your dream.

Did you know that out of the 11 pictures I took, I selected only the best two I was satisfied with? Those two were printed out. As I said earlier, my mind was already made up even before I left for the studio that, I needed just two photos, nothing more nothing less. So any photo that doesn’t fall in line with my decision is not fit to stay. What this implies is, in your journey of life, you are going to come across distractions. That’s the nature of life; you will see the good, the bad and the ugly. What you focus on the camera is what really matters. Is it the good, the bad or the ugly you are focusing your camera on? The choice is 100% yours. For me I choose to focus my camera on the good and positive. The negative is only for theoretical use, it can never be of practical importance.

I hope this inspires you to focus on the good rather than focusing on the bad and ugly aspect of life. 

Do have a great week! 

Welcome to Thinking Acha’s Blog 

Just as we feel excited when we achieve our goals, I’m super excited to welcome you to my new blog. A personal blog that promises to be amazing and inspiring.

Many a time, we fail to realize our dreams not because we lack the resources but lack of will to act on those dreams. Creating this blog is one of the goals I have achieved in this month of June. Overcoming all odds, this is now a reality. It goes to show that thought mapped with action creates our desired reality . Through this blog, I will be sharing with us thought provoking thoughts and experiences for achieving personal development goals in life.

Inspiring you to positive action in life is my top priority.


Knowledge Put To Work Works 

There is a sleeping potential in us that must be awakened. As I have always averred, knowledge (both of ourself & those/things around you) can generate great ideas. One of the greatest Philosophers ever lived, named Socrate, once adviced, “Man Know Thyself”. 
How do you get knowledge? 

By going for it through diligent search day in day out. 

After acquiring knowledge, then what?

You must activate your knowledge by putting it to work. Exercising your knowledge is

as important as the knowledge itself. A dormant knowledge is not better than ignorance. Putting knowledge to work requires you yielding yourself to continuous and consistent practice, learning from mistakes and putting the lessons learnt to work. Problems are hidden solutions that can be unveiled through working knowledge. 

With consistent practice, much not imagined can be achieved. Practice is nothing more than immediate preparation for outstanding potential maximization. Useful knowledge not put to work becomes useless. 

“Today knowledge has power” says Peter Drucker. “It controls access to opportunity and advancement”To be relevant and useful to the society, you must seek knowledge and much more,  activate your knowledge by putting it to work.